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Services and Sample Packages

Individual packages can be made to suit your situation. Please contact us to schedule your hunt.

Most guided hunts will be led by either Walter Claybrook or Ben Moore. Each has over 20 years of experience guiding.

Quail Hunting

Offering a natural habitat, we have the best flying quail available. Whether it be open fields or pine woods, we have the quail hunt for you.

  • Minimum 10 birds released per hunter ($90.00).

  • 100 birds released at special rate, maximum of 4 hunters.

illustration of a Quail head

Chukar Hunting

A wild bird native to the Western Rockies, the Chukar is a fast flyer and a beautiful bird that is 120% larger than a quail.

  • A minimum of 5 birds per hunter is a required release.

  • The cost for 5 Chukar is $90.00.

illustration of a Chukar

Pheasant Hunting

We have excellent Ring-neck Pheasant hunting available. Pheasants are hunted in natural settings, challenging the gun skills of most

  • A minimum of 4 birds per hunter is a required release

  • The cost for 4 pheasants is $120.00.

illustration of Pheasant in flight

European Tower Shoot
Pheasant Hunting

The European Tower Hunt is one of Contentnea Creek’s most unique hunts. With a minimum of 10 people, blinds are arranged in a circle around a 30’ tower at a 100 yard distance. Each person rotates after 10 birds to the next blind, until you have shot from all the blinds. The price includes 10 birds per shooter, minimum of 10 hunters, $300.00 per person.

Tower hunts are available to businesses for entertainment. Organizations can schedule tower hunts as a fundraiser. Please call for details and rates. 

Cleaning of Game

If requested, your birds can be cleaned for an additional charge.

Breasted bird:

  • Pheasants - $1.50 each

  • Quail or Chukar - $1.00 each

Whole bird:

  • Pheasants - $2.00 each

  • Quail or Chukar - $1.50 each

Contentnea Creek Kennels

We offer on-site training of gun dogs, pointing dogs, and water dogs. Contact J.C. Bryant at 252-939-6178 for more detailed information. 

5 hunting dogs in the woods

Other Hunts

  • Deer Hunting - $125 a day

  • Spring Turkey Hunting - $100 a day

  • Wild Duck Hunting - $100

    • All Federal/State regulations and licenses apply.

    • Wild duck hunting ends at 12 noon each day.


We have a hunting lodge available for your stay. Please reserve when you call about your hunt. $25.00 per person per night.

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